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sent one of his men to report & he has been missing since. McQuiggan with the other two men had to run the gauntlet themselves. They were well entrenched on a commanding line of sand hills with snipers forward amongst the scrub to check us every morning.
Well, on the night of Aug 3rd they advanced in. The 2nd & 3rd L.H (part of this Bgde) were doing the outpost on a line of hills. We turned out at 12 & hurried over to their support. Met them retiring. This Squadron had rather bad luck in being split – two troops going to the right of one ridge & two to the left. George & I had our troops together on the left.

It was quite dark & everything was done at the gallop. George & I dismounted our troop, climbed up a perpendicular sand bank of 100 ft & met A Sqd. After the climb we were punctured, but somehow managed to keep going for another 300 yards. There down below this sand wall we had climbed were the Turks coming up in droves.
It was still too dark for any aimed fire. We took a troop of the 3rd Regt who were lost from their troop leader & poured a terrific fire in from 50 to 200 yards right on top of these men underneath us. Some broke, others attempted to push our left. C Sqd were here & some Tommies on their left again. Our two troops had

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