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[On letterhead of the British Red Cross and Order of St. John.]

Dear Miss King

Your ever welcome letter dated the 13th May safely to hand and was so pleased to hear from you again. Yes we are great favourites with the French people and they are now calling us "Digger", so it seems just like if they have known us all their lives. It is quite true about the French people saying they are all right when the Aussies are near them for it has been said to me by a poor old lady in Flanders when we were leaving there to go to another front, and the poor old soul cryed like a little baby, for she feared the Huns would break through as soon as we left and sure enough they did, until we came back and pulled them up and saved a big town for the French. The civilians do nothing else but praise us up for what we have done and we are the best of friends with them.
My Brigade has just taken a village, so see by the papers and also advanced on the Somme so the boys continue to gather fame for themselves.
I am sending you a piece out of the Anzac Bulletin, where an American General says the Australians

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