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& proud all over at our men. Any brag is about the other chap & never of himself but the "other chap" is really a wonder.

There's nothing & never has been anything as fine as our lads – their cheeriness against all odds & discomforts & in the wards the difference when they are our own lads! Happily I'm in charge of an Enteric Ward of 42 beds & nearly all our boys. They do wonderfully well too T.G. but the variations in diet as comp with a civil & what we considered the typical Enteric order of things gives one positive fits of anxiety until one sees it work out O.K.

My dear I am wondering & hoping that you have seen the advt that all Xmas things for No 3. A.G.H. can be sent c/- of the Secs: to a room (Receiving depot) at Winchcombe Carson's who will also send on all goods: Mrs Syd. Jamieson & Louie other lady are the Secs. I'm not begging for myself dear but we should be so grateful for gifts for our men in Comforts foods delicacies wines &c. &c. ad lib: Just at present we expect to be put on ½ Rations next week as the Ordnance Dep "through whom all supplies come state that 2 or 3 of our large supply ships have been sunk so that Xmas looks like a time for fasting & prayer rather than a festival Season for us! – if you & your friends address parcel c/- of me – I shall see to a judicious distribution of same & shall be intensely grateful – We are still in tents & feeling the cold a great deal at times. I've had a sharp attack of dysentery but easing off a bit now – of course am still on duty that goes without saying

[Written sideways in the left-hand margin in red:]
From Sister Mary R. Watt
No 3 General Hospital
Lemnos Island]

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