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have their brass plates on view at Lemnos. Some "top-notchers" amongst them too, & plenty of all the latest gear, etc.

In proportion to the number of medicoes registered, I am told Australia has the record, of supplying most followers of the ancient art.

The Imperial custom is for M.Os. to sign on for 12 months
With the A.I.F. the contract is – when the job is over or three months longer if required.
Davies & Connington's almanac for 1917 had better be sent to my present address.
Our surburban allotment at Anzac was extended a while ago, to a homestead selection with full time residential conditions & no allowance for improvements but, [dash]. Are we downhearted? NO!

We had a fall of snow 5 days ago & the last of it is just disappearing.
It was that cold we could not sleep & had to get up & mark time of a night.
Those artists who paint landscape snow-scenes, never include chilblains, wet feet & rheumatism on the same canvas.

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