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No. 3 Aus. Gen. Hosp A.I.F
Lemnos 13/10/15

My dearest Amy

Many thanks indeed for your chatty & cheery weekly letters, it is jolly to know you write weekly but quite a lot miscarry, however I'm hoping they will eventually catch me up & anyway the ones I do get are very charming & it's sweet & kind of you. The last I recd. yesterday enclosed Nudges with the address of Arties' boys in & I'm very glad to get [indecipherable] as it's hopeless trying to find them out without full particulars.

My dear I'm being both good and careful – So don't worry: & one really has to be both for theres quite an embarassment of men round: Stacks of them over in the rest camp those who were in first landing & who escaped more or less unscathed but who – the brave dear things they are – go back cheerily knowing that its a hundred chances against their ever coming back again. It's fairly heartbreaking at times. The stories one hears told so casually, in little terse sentences leave one gasping at times & glad

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pitiful for them not to get a few homely comforts – & we could help there with things sent to us.

With much love to you & Prince. I've written him at Foster as I suppose he's there a good deal.

Keep on going ahead Amy. it's good to hear of your improvement.

Much love

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