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Some of the saps are that steep & slippery in the wet weather I have had to crawl along on all-fours & then it was a sort of toboggon style of progress on the down grade.
I would suggest anti-skid chains to be twisted around the boots.

I have a regular round of visits to do each day along the firing line & then down to the beach. My job is not so monotonous as some for, I hear all the news in each section & see how things are going by the aid of periscopes

Except in an advance, the firing line is the safest place possible. No Shells or snipers to bother you & machine guns have no targets there, except cutting sand bags at night.
It is just like in a rifle-butt with iron loopholes & lids on them when not used. Stray bullets do count for no provision can be made for them & rifles are sighted to 3000 yds & kill you there the same as at 50.

All day long you hear the swish of bullets around you & when by chance one hits you, it counts for Abdul. The night time is usually the time

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