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times, about the cold footed Light Horse, and this picnic-ing cannot agree with everybody for our regiment has consumed 3,000 and over of reinforcements and we are still under the strength of 500, and a fair portion of that 3,000 have left this hell on earth and gone where there are no wars and troubles and they are out of it all and are serving a more peaceful and higher master than King George. They are with God.

We had a concert here a few nights ago and Gordon [Ranford] sang, it was "bonzer" to have a little drop of music and when Gordon sang you could have heard a pin drop.

They gave him a great hearing and I tell you they did praise him, they reckon he was something out of the Box and kept on calling him back for it is a long time since they have heard something good and I heard all the praise he got from the chaps for there were not many among them knew I was his brother, so I began to reckon I was (some) having a brother with such talent. He went down to the second brigade last night to sing; the chaps worried him till he did for our lot gave them a concert and they will return it soon I suppose.

We are often lying on the sand talking when the chaps will come up and ask him to sing to us and we enjoy it very much, I tell you.

The Roman Catholic Chaplain lectured and read on Jerusalem and Palestine and the doings of Samson and it was very interesting after what we have seen of the country.

We go to church every Sunday while we are here and we got talking of the prophecy of the Bible on this War, so we set to and read about it in Revalations and I finished up by reading the whole of the Book of St. Matthew and part of the book of the acts in the New Testament that Audrey sent me. So you see we have been quite good this last week or two.

My word Mum dear I never regret that trip I took through Skarrah and Memphis for it makes all those books on Egypt so interesting to a chap for they so often mention parts of Memphis. I found two snaps I took at Memphis of Ramses the Greats statue lying beneath the Palms. In one of a Sphynx body with Ramses head on it which stands in the centre of a pool of water and I got a nigger to stand on the paw to give you an idea of the sizes. I am also sending a few more photoes taken here.

Think I will close now, thank you for parcels, letters, papers, also Helen's and Ben's letters, so with fond love

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