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training which is for six hours in the morning & also in the evening for night manouvres. I can say that we will be as hard as nails when we finish up here.
On Christmas Day we are going to annex Egypt & raise the British flag & then you can bet there will be a hot time. by then there will be 150.000 British Soldiers in Egypt. I say mum dear there will be something doing when the Dear Old Flag is hoisted.
As it is we have been given a note to vacate here on the 20th of December by the Turks but are taking no notice of them as we intend to wipe the dust with them at the first opportunity. We all are anxious to have a scrap & so break the monotony & get some of the fat off. I can tell you I am getting to tight for my clothes.
I am sending two photos taken of part of the Company in front of the Spinx. You will have no trouble in picking me out as I am on a very trusty steed ie a donkey & holding a Camel with my right hand. The Photos I am sending to Maid

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