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[On the letterhead of the T.S.S. "Euripides".]
Red Sea.
29th Nov 1914

Dear Mother

Since last I wrote we have had very calm weather with great heat the juice simply pours off you & makes grease spots on the deck.
The Coast Line from Aden is very Barren sand as far as the eye can see & huge mountains of sand. The H.M.S. Black Prince bombarded a Turkish fort near the Island of Perim & demolished it they intended having a pot shot at the transports as they passed there are 40 ships in the fleet of Transports. I may say when we passed the place we had our Glasses on the fort & there were large holes in the Sides also the roof was blown off & the Fortifications were all demolished & the garrison fled for their natural.
Later on we passed the Island of Perim & then passed through a place called Hells Gate & the Twelve Apostles which are huge rock formations on the coast of Africa. We are now very close to the Suez & then it will not be long before we are on land again as we are going

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