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for a drive through Hyde Park I saw a fine show of Dahlias there also in the Centenial.
It wont be to bad if Bob will only keep the trips up. You done well out there with the War Loan. Some of the big firms here had prizes for any one who bought a war bond through them and they done very well that way & got custom to.
I am glad some of the seeds I sent you were good I hope the sweet pea was a success. I hope you got the two paper knives I sent you but I expect there will be nothing left of mine when I get back to the battery but I will get what I can the battery has had so much shifting about & one of the chaps that would look after my things has been badly wounded.
I am alright again now but had a bit of a doing but will have another slap at Fritz in a few days. We had a holiday on the 4th. for America day we had sports but I wrote letters. I am trying to write this in the Y.M but a lecture is on & they are danceing all

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