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[Page 231]

[On letterhead of "The Y.M.C.A. with H.M. Troops: On Active Service; For God for King & for Country".]
[From] William Reece. "Signal"
2nd Batt. 1st Bde. Head Qrs

[Address reply to:] Same as Before

My Dear Mother

Just these brief few lines to let you know that I am well once again hoping that you and all are the same my legs are all right once more thank God. I have been discharged from hospital and am now in camp on the sand again but I'd sooner be in the firing line than be here there is to much sand and dust to be contended with and the temperature is well over 100 % each day it is getting unbearable. I am getting tired of soldiering I wish I was back in Australia
Well I will just give you a graphic story of how I landed in Turkey 6 am on Saturday 24th April we heaved up the mud hook and sailed out of Mudros Bay in Lemnos Island. well we sailed up the coast a bit in the west whence we turned the corner and sailed due north and anchored in another bay the other side of the Island where we waited for the rest of the troopers

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