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face to the enemy.
We have just received three bags of mail & I am waiting patiently for them to be sorted to see if I have any luck

I see by your letter that Kit has started he[r] nasty tricks again I'm sure that one of these fine days she will wake up to the fact that her ruses are not sportmanlike & will drop them alltogether.

Say Mother give my best love to Maidie & tell her I am still keeping in good health & I wish her & all the rest of their family the best of health & happiness. I sent a couple of postcard Photos to Maid one of which is for you.

Well Mother Dear I must now say Good bye for it may be some time before I will be able to write you again also keep up a strong heart & don't worry every opportunity I get I will drop a line & let you know how things are in general. Say Mother thank Mr Lloyd on my behalf for his kindness to you.

Good bye Mother Dear & may God Bless & keep you in good health & happiness in your old age.

Your Ever Loving Son
xxxxxxx Will xxxxxx

[Note in red at the bottom of the page:]
Sgt. Major Schaeffer killed in trenches at Anzac 20th May, 1915.

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