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Then in spite of Anti-aircraft guns they swoop down out of the sky, & fire incendiary bullets from their machine guns into the big gas bag. I have seen them bring 3 down adjoining each other in the one raid. Still we do just the same when the enemy fly theirs. We always outnumber the Germans, on all fronts that I have been on, in the number of observation balloons.

The aeronauts jump out in parachutes when they seen an attacking plane coming & one day there was such a craze on for this sort of "sport" that six men were floating down from balloons at the one time dodging "planes".

Like a happy bride sending a piece of wedding cake to her friends, I am sending you a small piece of ribbon from a Military Cross which happened to come my way. I hope to get the long service medal in about 14 more years. Still – I have not given up hope of getting down the gangway of a transport at the Kings Wharf yet. Probably they will berth up near Tighes Hill or Smedmore then. Just heard of the S.S. Mongolia going down – probably had some letters & parcels of mine on board. Trust yourselves & the baby are all well in health.

Best Wishes

[Tighes Hill and Smedmore (part of Wickham) are suburban areas of Newcastle, NSW.]

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