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I ask. "No sir but if you go into Roy the Grocers." I go there. "Have you any Boracic ointment". "Yes sir, a penny a tin sir" and then to the village barber. A small boy is standing up having his hair cut. I'm next for a shave (darn this nib). How much do I owe you "Pay at the desk please Sir. I ask the girl. A penny-halfpenny Sir, thank you sir. And then London!

There is the lord of the manor. That tame king (not a bad sort of a chap) being drawn round by six white horses. Trafalgar Square covered with huge soap box ads. "Your money or their lives" The Great War Loan. Go to your bank Your Country NEEDS you.

Sapper Vasco
On Active Service
Portraits sketched while you wait
Double chins a speciality.

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