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[Page 393]

[Several coloured sketches by Vasco, with descriptive comment about each one. See image for details.]
[Sketch of ships at sea from the deck of a ship where a soldier stands disguised as a ship's funnel. With comment:]
Submarine Picquet.
One of the Ned Kelly Type
a suggestion for the War Office

[Sketch of a soldier in a hammock, with comment:]
In the Sappers' Boudoir.
Time. Before reveille.
Sapper Vasco has one more look at his wife's photograph.

[Sketch of a destroyer, with comment:]
One of the five little torpedo-boat destroyers which dash out to meet our convoy, of nine within a couple of days of "the old Dart."

[Sketch of a cruiser, with comment:]
The armored cruiser "Almanzora" our escort and guiding star from Sierra Leone. taking her morning dip.

[Page signed:] Vasco Jan. 1917.

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