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[Pages 262 and 263 are a typed copy of the handwritten letter on pages 265 and 266 (minor differences).]
Copy of letter from Wilfred Rowley.

Colchester General Military Hospital,

Dear Albert,

Just a few lines to let you know I have been wounded again and back in the old dart once more. Have been through some solid fighting down at Pozieres, on the Somme. My battalion was there 10 days consolidating our position before we charged. I was with the Bombers, but the first day we got there a Welsh regiment went over bombing and were repulsed, so they called on the 17th and 18th Bombers and over the parapet we went. The first person I caught sight of was George King's brother. He was quite near me throwing bombs, when all of a sudden he fell, shot through the head. I helped carry him in, poor devil, but I don't know whether he died or not. I looked George up in a few days and told him, but did not mention that it was serious.

Well, Albert, we threw a few bombs at Fritz, and played havoc with him as his artillery could not get at us on account of our being too close. We were relieved after doing 5 or 6 hours at this and came out 8 strong out of 32 men and 1 officer. I lost two of my best mates in this; but for one of them I would surely have got it. Poor devil, he was alongside me and was a sort of protection to me.

Well, what do you think of the war now? Do you think it will finish before Xmas? If it does I dont think I shall get to the Front again.

How is the old firm doing? Remember me to all, and tell them my wound is not too bad. Tell King's father that I saw his son shot – all I hope is that he did not die. Tell them all at work that George is going strong and puffs his smoke with the rest now.

Now I shall have to conclude as I have a lot of letters to write,

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