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cocoa, boiled Rice, porridge ham bread jam tea besides good hot stews, so I think we are getting good food.

Now we have porridge bacon tea bread and butter and jam for our breakfast, and as for clothes, our Officers do nothing else all day but getting us new clothes and boots so everything looks like if we are winning.

Well Miss King I am sending you a photo of my company taken before we went into the line at Paschendale in Flanders in Nov 1917. I am very sorry to say that over half the men in the photo was killed during the November fighting so their places are not filled yet by a long way as far as Reinforcements are concerned. Many of them fell near me and how it is that I am alive to day is wonderful. I only hope I will come through the next severe fighting we have and then I think that will be all. I think I have about told you all so will close with best wishes and Kindest Regards.
Your Sincer Soldier Friend
Lance Cpl R. Otto

PS I am marked with an X in the photo

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