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in any size at all do you think we would have much chance Miss King with such small numbers and apart from that if we have a fatigue to do and if we have only enou half the men required for the job, naturally it takes us twice as long to do the job, so isnt it annoying when there is plenty of men in Australia and us over here wanting assistance. However Miss King you never hear any of the boys growling and now that they all know that there will be hand to hand fighting with the Hun in a day or two nothing can satisfy their lust for Blood and their morale is wonderful.
We have only just come out of the line a few days ago after several weeks in and we are sleeping in little Huts. Of a night when they are all retiring to bed, there is always a rough house declared, and that means everybody is tossed about and there beds are pulled to pieces and never a word about the progress of the war mentioned only what we are going to do to Fritz when we get there (Somme) and we know that country pretty well so it will be to our advantage. We are well looked after these times so we have everything in our favour when the hour arrives. While we were in the outposts last time we used to get hot

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