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to soldiers Vasco water has been in great demand. The name's all over the town and bottles with "Vasco" labels are a standing joke on boad. I am allowed to take my book on all route marches and the result is friends everywhere motor car rides, theatres, banquets and whips of fun. Yesterday Christmas was spent under Australian gum trees with my jolly good friend, the ship's Sergt. Major Joseph and a South African family (white). They've all seen your photograph (Oh, she's a dear!) and what's more they all want us here "after the war" I feel sure we would be the usual "huge social and "financial success" apart from enjoying chianti concerts and surf, sunshine.
Our transport lies anchored out in the stream. A picquet has been sent ashore for straglers and the latest rumour is "sailing tomorrow". Dear one, I posted one or two trifling bangles. Kaffir Kuriosities. The red beads are the South African lucky beads. I just hope they are genuine and that you may be wonderfully happy. Love to Jen, Jack, and all at home and with [dash] well I really can't there's a censor about

Your only Vasco.
The day after Xmas 1916.

No. 16136
Field Engrs.
Nov. Reinfts A.I.F
on active Service abroad

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