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L/cpl W. Rowley 641
18th Batt., A.I.F.
Ward 3. a. Racecourse Hosp.,

Dear Albert

Just a few lines to let you know, I am still in this hospital & doing well, although my leg hasn't healed up yet, & I am still lame. I may be getting transferred to one of our own hospitals shortly, as the Doctor says it might take some time, & that I would be better off, in one of our own, but to tell you straight, I would not, as I have a lovely time here. I go to the Doctor's place once a week for tea, & I alway's manage a good feed there, as his wife knows what Australian's like.
Then I always manage a drive, to various places with the Nurses, who are simply lovely. Of course, I still get about with the old stick, & I will soon need a new one, as I am always knocking it about, such as playing golf with stones, & also playing hockey, with the other cripples.
There has been another big air raid on London, but with fewer casualties this time, & one can hardly imagine, that they do not kill more, as the streets are always packed.
The papers here are kicking up a great fuss over the Mesopotamia muddle, & it is on every body's lips, & I reckon it is awful myself, & must have been a lot worse than the Dardanelles affair.
Well Albert old boy, there is not much news this time, so I will ask you, to remember me to everybody, & hope they are all in the best of health, the same as it leaves me at present.

Your's sincerely,

P.S. I don't know whether my last letter to you, went down with the "Mongolia" or not, so bad luck if it did. Hoo-ray.

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