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Dear Miss King

Your ever welcome letter to hand and I can assure you I was so pleased to hear from you again. In fact I look for your letters as much as I do for others so you can see your letters are so cheerful to me.
I also received your parcel and thanks from the bottom of my heart for it. I was just moving up into the line the day before after I received your parcel and of course I took it into the line with me and it was very useful also socks & mittens. I may say Miss King I have just made a dixie of soup out of the tablets you sent me and didn't we enjoy it. Of course it is very cold yet and deep down below as we are now it was very nice.
I suppose you know what I mean by deep down below however it is not a bad place to be these times when Fritz is sending a few over.
I suppose Miss King you know our movements as well as we do so you will be hearing of something

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