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Somewhere in France
May 25th 1918

Bonjour Ma Cherie!

How goes it? Have you received any French books. Which ones? Did you get a letter dated May 20th from the C.C.S. France, describing a "tout suite" "hurry up" from a sapper's barn boudoir.

A line in your letters speaking of one or two things written about in my last notes to you will alleviate suspense.

The glorious rest in the Base Hospital is rather wonderful. "Grateful" can hardly express one's feelings for the kindness and goodness of the "sisters'" treatment to us in Ward I.4. The old carcass once more in the inverted prone position it loves so well just revels in horizontal repose. To lie between clean white sheets in a well made bed and rest – close one's eyes – In the words of Popsy Wops
"C'est vraiment "vertigineuse".
If "eprouver des sensations" be a way of enjoying life the military one, while it lasts, is brimfull of unexpected contrasts.

Since I last wrote after a night and a mornings' travelling in a palatial hospital train came the queer sensation of watching the streets of a French coast town reeled out before one's stretcher as the nymph driven Ambulance car flew up the winding road leading from the train to the hospital on the hills. Oh the Smell of the Sea. (Forgive bad language. Its English. I can't think of another word.)

Our stretchers are carried quickly through the receiving room.

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