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In the Field

My Dear Mrs Dunlop,

Once again, even though belated, I start to answer your last few letters. I was afraid you would have had the bailiff in on me, for my debt, ere this. Never mind, – I'll start right now and try to make up some of the leeway, caused on my part.

So, Poor old "Fergie" is out of action, Eh? It must be a great consolation to him, to have a companion in Mrs Ferguson as he is at present. He appeared to live a very quite life and kept to himself a good deal. I hope the remote chance comes his way, of once again driving about with his chestnut pony, in the town where he is such an old identity. What is Dr Doyle's pet hobby these stirring times, besides telling patients to order a wooden jacket at Neves & fighting the local hospital?

Is he a war enthusiast or was his name in the "47,000"?

[Written sideways in the left-hand margin:] Don Dunlop 9.8.32

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