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altho' they could have done it much better than we had to without any conveniences &c of a Hosp ship. Have had 3 trips to Alexandria & 1 to Malta as well as a lot of dodging about up here – have been on 10 or 12 ships! Now they have about 15 proper Hosp ships ready so we are no longer needed for sea work & are expecting orders any hour to proceed to the front.
The work has been rather interesting and exacting at times but the spirit of the wounded & their pluck & endurance wonderful. Do not believe any of those yarns re mutilation & atrocities by the Turks – there have been many rumours but in spite of enquiries from all quarters so far no authentic case found & no-one has come forward who could swear to having actually seen any thing – all rumours!
We want all the physically fit (especially re teeth) men we can get – also a great number of Hosp and A.M.C. orderlies – have stacks of medicos. The 3rd Genl. Hosp with Geordie MacCormick, Norton, Jamieson &c &c have just arrived to open up here. Will realise now what we early birds have had to put up with – inconvenience, dirt, dust, heat, flies &c!
My best regards to Eileen & the family & yourself – hope you are all O.K. as I am – had poisoned hand recently – rather serious at the time.
Best luck Yours sincerely
H. Poate.

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