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[Page 303]

[Page one of a three-page letter written on the backs of three coloured postcards of Egypt.]
Mena Camp

Dear Mother

Yesterday we took part in a very historic event it being the taking over of Egypt as an English Protectrate & The Accession of the new Sultan to his High Office. I can tell you it was a grand sight & the Colours were very gorgeous
The harness of the horses was covered with precious jewels & Gold & Silver mountings The procession was fairly large. first of all came a Squadron of Native lancers. then two criers & the Sultans Carraige & then another Squadron of Lancers They were mounted on white & jet Black Arabs
The next to come were a squadron of Yoemanry & then General Maxwell & another Squadron of King's Own Yoemanry & a lot of English & Egyptian notables.
We were formed up along the street to keep the natives from getting two cranky as it was we arrested nearly fifty Turks. While waiting for the procession to come along they struggled but not for long as we soon quitened them

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