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are some of the worlds best fighting men so that is a feather in our caps don't you think so Miss King.

Well I am still in convalesent camp but hope to be discharged soon to my Base where I will be sent to join my Battalion again and I am very anxious to get back as I am due for leave to England again.
I was pleased to hear that you had such a great day for the Red Cross, and they must have worked hard to get such a sum as half a million. I have not received your packet yet or parcel but they may come along any day now. Thanks so much Miss King for sending them.
Pleased to hear recruiting is improving for I can assure you Miss King I want a rest badly also all the other old boys. I think Mr Orchard is just the man for that position for he was always for the soldiers, and Capt Carmichael is doing wonders, and as you say Miss King the Germans must be beaten and so they will.
Excuse scribble please as I am not too well at present
Your Sincere Friend
L/Cpl R. Otto

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