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L/cpl W. Rowley 641
18th Batt., A.I.F.
Sandhill Camp,
via Warminster.

Dear Albert,
Just the usual few lines to let you all know that I am off once again to France. I cannot grumble as I have had a fair rest, having been marked unfit for general service for the period of six months. I was fit pretty well all the time, but the doctors word must be obeyed. Fancy being here for ten months, with only four of them in hospital, extremely lucky don't you think. I am as fit as a fiddle now, as the saying goes, so will endeavour to account for a few more huns.
I suppose you have heard about me getting married, it is a fact, so I will have to settle down in future, & not act like a single chap. A Sydney girl it is, late of Manly but her parents reside at Darling Point at present. You see it was like this, being pals with her two brothers, they must ask me to come to Southend-on-Sea with them, & there I fell in love, so that is the whole story in a nutshell.
I feel so pleased & happy to be married that I wish this great affair in Europe was all over, still it does not look like it, now that the big bear has thrown the towel in, so now we will have more to kill of the enemy on our front, which is some place.
Will you thank the Girls of the Firm for sending me that parcel, which Mr Shenstone informed me, as I was unlucky & did not receive it, still the boys of my company must have, so it is all the same in one way, so thank them for me, as they are very good to think of me.
I never come across any of the boys from the Firm, except Harry Hodges, & my rowdy pal George King, whom I see a lot off in France, & I do make him laugh, as he seems downhearted at times, I suppose through losing his Brother, I feel so sorry for him.

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