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bombarding as they pick up the Turkish positions – aeroplanes are out and no doubt directing fire on ships – balloon is also up about 4 miles out at sea. We (A Company of 1eth [13th]) awaiting orders – told that on first lot of Australians landing on day before they had met the Turks right on the water's edge and charged up the steep hillsides which rise from the sea. The Turks also had machine guns firing on our chaps in the boats as they landed, but our chaps jumped out of the boats up to the waist in water and went straight for the Turks (leaving many dead and wounded in the boats) having fixed bayonets while still in the boats. Charging up the steep hills and cleared the Turks out of their trenches – but of course we lost a good many.
The artillery are now landing, also horses and mules – a good bayonet charge is going on above us while we still await orders on the beach and continuous rifle fire all round and schrapnel bursting all round the beach. We went to the head of the valley and occupied a ridge (afterwards known as Pole's Hill, after Colonel Pole). About 200 yards from the Turks' trench we kept up a continuous rifle fire on them and they returned the compliment; many of our chaps killed and wounded, but I hope more of the enemy.

28/4/15. Been in the trenches since the last note with the exception of yesterday afternoon when our section were posted on the left of the hillside to pick off snipers who were concealed on the hillsides and shooting our men from the rear.
We have occupied and made trenches on three sides of the position of which a valley is the centre and also hold the other side under control by fire from the ships. We are sending out parties to clear the hillsides of snipers who are shooting a lot of our men from the rear and right and left flanks. Several men and officers of A Company wounded and dead. Very deep ascent up to our position. You can hardly get a foothold – enemy keeps us at it day and night and if we show ourselves at all snipers spring at us. We have shot many of the snipers however. It is difficult to locate them however, as the hill are all covered

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