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an Australian especially, to admit that there is a fairer country than his own, even though it is only for a fraction of the year.

We have just finished one of the most successful "stunts" so far. Sort of, got a very good value for our expenditure. Sometimes even after a success, it is hard to read the Bill of Costs, in the shape of a casualty report where many a good comrade is included.

Along with the N. Zealanders & Irish we took [dash]Ridge. Everything went off (besides the mines) with such precision that all objectives were reached & at the arranged times too.

Not that it was a one-sided affair by any means. Not The Germans knew of it & we knew that they knew. They also knew that we knew that they knew. Do you get me?

At present we are resting & this bulletin is being pencilled in a loft over a farm house. The surroundings are varied by a collection of harness, timber, grain, farming implements & the household furniture of refugees. I have not included the rats for they are accepted on the same terms as myself – lodgers.

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