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Our fellows then started on Abdul with a garland mortar.

The charge is gelignite, about the size of a hen's egg, with a detonater. To ensure of it striking head down, a piece of ribbon 12 inches long is attached. It is fired out of a piece of piping about 18 inches long – quite a crude & uncertain piece of artillery. It is fired at an angle of about 45° after the style of a shuttle-cock. We also have a huge catapult for throwing cricket ball bombs.

The country is mostly covered by shrub s about 3 or 4 feet night & very hilly.

With all the strife, it is very ironical to see the number of olive trees about.
I'm afraid I will take a couple of sizes larger in clothes before this war will be over as the end is a long way off. Still you can never tell.

Water has to be carried on pack-mule 3 miles to where I am at present. It is served out as a ration which has to do for drinking & washing purposes

Tell Miss Williams I received her sweets all O.K. They went fine here. Please convey her my thanks & tell her I am expecting a letter from herself.

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