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at the Ballot Box, in consequence of their Patriotism.
No vote was ever taken whether we should enter into the War, – was it necessary to keep the same war going? Never mind, I hope to have the satisfaction some day of asking individuals to shew me what part of the map they inhabited between August 4th 1914 & [dash]. & why?
I have had a new job the last few times our Division has been in the line & it is my most responsible one to date. Also the most trying one on my constitution. At present I feel a wee bit run down owing to last time being too enthusiastic in the manual part of the job. Hope to tell you more later.

This is a country of mud in the Winter. You can never imagine it. Twice I have been bogged & had to leave my thigh rubber boots behind so as to get pulled out. There are shell holes everywhere & in more places that not, they overlap each other.

My orderly, was killed by a shell the 1st day we came into the line, this time. Hard Luck poor chap.

Oh, it is cold, these times. Never mind, I hope to be with you all (D.V) by next Winter.

I must be careful not to let such a gap occur in my correspondence again.
Will now conclude with Best Wishes to You All
Yours Faithfully
Clem Walsh

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