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July 6.7.18

Dear George & Jen

Your letter of April 17th a couple of days which I was very pleased to receive and hear you were both well.
Well there is not so much need to be excited about Fritz advancing a bit as we are sure to go back every time He attacks the way He does in the close formation & wave after wave but as long as He is looseing four to our one it wont matter so much.
It has cost us a lot of men but it is costing Him more to get it back but He is getting weaker after every stunt as it takes Him longer after every one to build up again. but we are keeping Fritz going now the Yanks are at it and the paper gives them great praise they are fighting with the Ausies so I will see for myself as I am going over again on Monday the 8th and there is a big push coming off this month so if I get through it

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