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In the Field

PS Wrote this laying down having a spell so excuse the scrawl

(Corporal McIntyre)

My Dear Old Aunt

I was very pleased indeed to find amongst my budget of letters from Australia this mail a letter from you, as a reward for your kindness I am going to answer it right away. First of all I am quite well & feeling pretty fit with the exception of a few chilblains on my feet from the cold, but that is a mere detail & nothing to worry about.

Well you were a pretty good judge after all when you said the war was nearly finished. Since you wrote, what a lot has happened. After over four years of constant hammering day & night without an interval of five minutes rest the Allies have fought for their cause & on the 11th of Nov at 12 o'clock, right on the tick of midday the last shot was fired, right along the long line of hundreds of miles, can you imagine the feeling that went through the soldiers during that hour! I dont think so, it was beyond the imagination,. Poor old Fritz after all his mighty power, preparation, & bluff, had to crawl

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