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for rifle fire. Each side letting the other know that they are awake & trying to bluff them sometimes as regard to their numbers.

One of my men got the D.C.M. the other day for bravery under shell fire.

We have had a unusual proportion of casualties. I mean our branch has.
The same applies to the A.M.C. fatigue parties & others of whom it was usually thought had a safe job. A number of clergymen who done good work lost their lives, poor chaps.

A Battalion I am camped with had a "bathing" parade to-day. The sea is too cold.
The cooks warmed 4 buckets of water & then the men paired of to wash each other with about a pint of water apiece. The best method, owing to the water ration, is washing with a shaving brush. It is impossible to wash every day, when away from the beach for water is carried here on the backs of mules.

The Indians manage them & have wonderful patience (they want it too)
I have never seen them use a whip, just make a soothing noise or whistle by sucking in their breath. It is the only way.

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