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was on. Yes the Cinema starting at 9 pm. I saw by the local paper that Pictures are to have the Early Closing Act applied to them, but they are getting up a petition to be allowed to meet the authorities half way, they are willing to close up at 1.30 in the morning and not midnight as per act. Sunday is the same as any other but the Govt offices closed a couple of Sundays ago because it was the anniversary of the accession of the present Sultan.

I have not seen anything of your boy, his corps is not here but it may come here later on. The A.S.C Coy that is here is one number lower than his Coy.

Before closing off I must mention how anxious I am to hear how Gerty got on, I expect a letter is already on the way to me and I hope it contains the best of news, I am anxious to congratulate her & Don. To both of them give my best regards and as I have not time to write all this over again please allow them to have some of the news.

Write & tell me how you are getting on.
Your sincere Brother
Chas. E. Viner

Landed every horse fit and I have never felt better either.

[Note written in red at the foot of the page:]
From Lieut. C. E. Viner
32nd Battalion, 8th Brigade.

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