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So we heard.

Yes, if they would have had better Howitzers & plenty of ammunition, we would have been away months ago & in an awful hurry too. Probably the deciding argument in evacuating Gallipoli was when Germany linked up with Turkey, as a result of the Balkan situation. Never mind, they say the first 7 years of a war are the worst.

About midnight we got on board the steamer & had a cup of coffee given to us.

We arrived at Mudros next morning at dawn & when we got ashore about 3 oclock in the afternoon I had been in 6 steamers from the time of leaving Anzac. We were hungry & sleepy & my back was nearly breaking. I carried an infantry knapsack full, 2 blankets greatcoat & a valise besides the ordinary gear.

We stopped at Mudros about 2 weeks & there it was I spent Xmas I got an Australian Billycan & inside was, chocolates, cards, cigarettes etc.

A German aeroplane came over twice & tried to drop bombs on our camp but missed badly. The bombs seem to depend on concussion for their value, for when we dup up pieces, it was only the thickness of a shilling.

A quick run over to Alexandria with 6 generals on our steamer & then a train journey down to near the canal.

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