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to all and double share for your dear old self and Dad,
Believe me,
I am your ever affectionate son,

PS Give my love to Alf, Nell and Children, and thank them for their letters and love to May and Stewart and Children.

and we are still going strong.

Returning Franks letter it is "bonzer".

I am sending two Turkish Notes (money) home in this letter that I got off a prisoner at Rafa.

I have carried them for a good while but they are getting worn out so I am chancing it and sending them to you, hope you get them.

They are not very valuable in Turkish money but to show how short of money they are; the notes are worth in Turkish money, the larger one about a shilling and three half-pence, and the smaller one about two-pence half-penny, but I know you will value them.

Tell me if you get the snaps and letter of Frank's that I send in this letter also the Turkish notes.

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