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& there is sand for miles.
After leaving the ship we went by train to Cairo which we reached at between 1 am & 2 am & then transhipped into trams which carried us to the camp we now are at. I may say it was freezing cold the morning we reached here & it has been so all along up till a few days ago we were bivouaced in the open & it rained for two days & nights so you can imagine I can fully realise what it is to sleep in wet blankets & wet clothes. When one got up in the morning he was like a piece of frozen mutton & had to wait for the sun to thaw him (Say a feather bed would be just alright now eh what!)
Up to know we have had not much trouble only a few skirmishes, with no casualties The Terriers wiped out a tribe of Bedouins & had a few wounded. They were under General Maxwell
To-morrow we start on very strenuous

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