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was with the Hun for 4 years.

They seem very nice people and they cannot do enough for the Australians and all the women folk are taking patterns off our Hats. They invite us to their homes take us to cinema shows, and tell us we are one of the family. It is great but not so great as it will be when we get to our own dear people.

I expect to be going to Brussells for 3 days and it will be a very interesting trip. I have bought a camera so am taking a lot of photographs of the most historic places. When I go to Brussells I am trying to get a photo of Nurse Cavells grave. It is only a short distance from Brussells so I am going to try hard to get one. Well dear friend I will write you a long letter next time. Wishing you all spent a Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year.

Hoping to soon be with you
Yours Sincere Friend
Sergeant R. Otto. 2nd Battalion
A.I.F. Belgium

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