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HQ'Rs 3rd Aust. Divn'l Train

Dear Mrs Dunlop,

Just a short note to show that I am still on this same planet. I suppose that by the time this reaches you, Peace will be signed.

I am still in France where conditions are returning to a normal state with the civilians. I saw by the newspapers that the Australians received a great reception on their march through London on Anzac Day, when they were priveledged to parade in The City with fixed bayonets, an honour granted to very few regiments.

One picture, shewed an Australian soldier sitting on the head of Gladstone's statue in The Strand. He defied all the policeman to get him down. No doubt our mens natures are distinct from all other British nationalities. It seems strange to me that only the environment of the Antipodes has changed us, and then, in only a little over 100 years or, should I say 50 years, for that is when Australia started to become populated to any extent.

Excuse my national pride when I say that, after I return to Australia, I will never want to leave again. Before returning, I intend to have my sciatica attended to. If possible, at Bath where a friend of mine had his trouble cured by "new fangled" ideas. I'm afraid mine has got past the Lin. Tereb [Turpentine Liniment] stage.

At present we are in a very small, and very dirty, little village of about 300 people. My C.O has left for Serbia, where his sister is working in a canteen. They are both then going home from there.

Current Status: