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the next thing was to get out to the Dressing Station which was a mile away and alsort of obstacles, like trenches, wire, and shell holes, any-way I was hot and ran all way like hell when I got there I got cold and begin to feel queer then I discovered I had been hit twice in the left leg.

3 hours after I was hit I was operated upon and a shrapnel pellet size [sketch showing size] taken out of my leg which I intend showing you in the near future "thats if I am spared". The pellet entered the silverside just under the cheek and travelled downwards never touching a bone, or vain (very luckey) too and stopped inside about 4 inches above the knee, the other wound was caused by a piece of the same shell it broke two bones in the left foot the two little toe bones about 3 inches back from the toe nails it went right through and maybe I wont be able to go to france for some time again but I guess the yanks will do my bit.

2143. Pte. R. T. Wharton.
No. 14 Ward.
No. 2 Battle Hospital.

It will be a few months before I am properly right but while I am here I will have a good time.

I forgot to mention in my last letter that my Battalion was split up among the other Battalions in the Brigade owing to the shortage of Reinforcements. I am in the 35 Battalion in the same Brigade. but it makes no difference who youre with you have to fight where ever you are.

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