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and how great it was to see the diggers taking the ridge. You may have read by now about the big gun that was captured and believe me Miss King it is a tremendous size, in fact I think it is too big for the authorities to get it back to Australia, but I hope they will make some attempt to do so, for it will be great for the people and children to see in time to come.

Well Miss King there is not much need for me to tell you about the great work the Aussies are doing, for you will read about their doings in the papers and what they will do in other fights they are put into.

I expect to be going to Blighty any day now on leave, so I am looking forward to a good time.

I will write you several long letters

["Big Bertha", a heavy 15 inch German naval gun, credited with much of the damage to the town of Amiens, was destroyed by the Germans before being captured by the 3rd Battalion on 23 August 1918.]

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