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hear the sound of hostile guns. But if it could be possible for a few citizens to see the real state of things, what a tremendous difference it would make.

Great God in Heaven! what do the sensible people of Australia mean? Is it possible that they are going to permit such doings? Are you going to sacrifice the safety of a nation? "Give us liberty and freedom," you scream, and wave flags, thinking that liberty and freedom can be bought for nought. We, poor, miserable fools that we are, are giving you the liberty asked for. My blood boils at the thought of dear, sweet, free Australia having its fair name dragged in the mud; Australia, the laughing-stock – and justly so – of our enemies! Was it for this that Australia's sons left their bones on the Peninsula? Was it for this that they are shedding their blood in France and Egypt to-day? If there is any man in Australia with an ounce of patriotism – and, thank God, there are a few – he will leave no stone unturned until he has helped to free Australia from the clutches of the fiends that are choking her. If not, farewell peace, farewell liberty, and, with these gone, what attractions does Australia hold out to any man to return to it? Certainly none to me.

Pardon me, my dear mother and father, but I must write what I feel. I am not indulging in heroics on my own part, because I am far from being a hero, but I know what a hero is, and my heart aches to think their country should treat them so scurvily. My bit is such a tiny bit compared to the task of others.

Take this to heart, and spread it near and far. The only way to win the war is for every man, woman and child to enter into the business with determination to gain complete victory. Sometimes the man in civilian clothes must work harder than the man in uniform. No matter what a man's calling is, he can give some help to a tremendous cause.

The sooner Australia wakes up, the sooner will the boys come home.

Issued by the Director-General of Recruiting, Victoria Barracks, Melbourne.

By Authority: Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer, Melbourne.

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