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whether our luck would hold. Of course if they had come in any numbers it would have been all "up" especially from front a flank.
About 12 P.M. a report came from our right that a hundred Turks were coming down the gully. We could have handled this little lot well enough, but it looked as if this was part of a general move forward by the Turks. However nothing came of it & we breathed freely once more.
We filed out from the trenches at 3.30 every man with socks pulled over his boots. I was on the extreme right of No 1 Outpost. They filed off in order from the left so I was the last to leave the trenches, & on the way down to connect with the sap that lead round to the pier, I saw the mine blown up on Walker's Ridge. There were really two mines with a tremendous charge in, & it was a fine sight.
The Turks opened up with a very heavy fire immediately, however we were nearly in the sap by that time.

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