Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 42

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beggar I am & with the good Wishes of you all & God willing I ought to get back, when a good old Peace is once again reigning the world over. Oh what a time we will have, you & I Auntie will have the first waltz, & finish if with the highland fling.
I am glad you received the photo safely taken in England, I believe I look very savage in it, but that doesnt matter much, so long as you all like it.
Dear Aunt I am very pleased know that you all are getting on nicely & especially to hear that dear old Mother &amp Dad are living in Port again near you all, it will be much better for them, & just the very thing I have been wishing for the last five year's, May they live there in comfort for the rest of their days.
Love to you all dear Aunt & best wishes
Your loving Nephew

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