Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 248

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I will try and get a letter through telling you how things got on. I had four days leave last week and went to London & had a good time I was out to Richmond & Windsor and the flowers are just beautifull in Hampton Court also in Hyde Park they are at their best every sort stocks, Carnations. Pansies. Bigonias. Sweet peas very large the best I have seen for size yet snapdragons & the Delpheniums as tall as me & blooms 3 feet long never seen the like beautifull blues single & double & the Peoney Roses. & the Geraniums & Marguarites and various other sorts was just like a rainbow on the lovely kept lawns. also fine beds of Petunias. The are plenty of Roses about now 1d a flower that is what the flower sellers in the street is chargeing. Carnations as big as cups they charge 6d & 8d each but only in the shops you can buy them and they have some fine orchids they grow ever sort of flowers in pots even to Lucene trees.
I am glad you went

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