Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 232

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Then the allied fleet came with the Queen Lizzie leading. Well we got orders to sail at 11.45 pm so we heaved anchor again and made for Cape Gaba-Tepe on the west coast of the Gallipoli Peninsular. Well our "Reveille" in the morning was not a bugle but the booming of 12 and 15 inch guns from the fleet. The first thing I saw when waking up was the earth flying in all directions
well the H.M.S. Majestic was about 50 yds from us and she firing double broadsides right over us which shook the ship all over then there was the damage she done ashore.
Well the 3rd Brigade landed first then we got the order to land and away we went aboad a Torpedo Destroyed called the "Usk" which we went ashore in under heavey fire all the time
well we got ashore and we drove the Turks out of their trenches at the point of the bayonet they ran from us like a mob of sheep. we did tune them up
well I went strong until about 12 noon when a shrapnell burst over us a bullet hit my mate just above the knee and a piece of shell hit me on the thigh well I managed to get down on the beach and help my mate down alright but after I was dressed I walked along the beach and I only went about 10 yds when a sniper fired and shot me through both legs of course I dropped instantly and was carried on a stretcher aboard ship where we sailed for Egypt and sorry to be back here
Well this is all this time so I will close with love to all at home
Your Loving Son
William Reece

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