Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 492

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[Sister Mary Redfern Watt, a nurse from Dubbo, NSW, joined the Army on 24 April 1915 aged 35, and embarked from Sydney on RMS Mooltan on 15 May 1915 with the 3rd Australian General Hospital. She served in Egypt, England and France, returning to Australia on 13 October 1919.

Includes a covering letter from Mr Prince Wood of Schute Bell & Co Ltd, wool and produce brokers of Sydney.]
[Letter on Schute, Bell & Co. Limited letterhead]
Decbr. 10th 1915

[W H] Ifould, Eq
Public Library

Dear Sir

In response to an invitation which appeared in the Columns of the Herald to send along any letters, descriptions or giving any information – regarding the Dardenelles Campaign, from those on active Service –

I enclose a letter from Sister M. R. Watt which generalises the position from a Nurses point of view – & the inconveniences attached to their labors –

Hoping it may be of use to you
Prince Wood

The letter was written to my wife

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