Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 479

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My Dear Mrs Dunlop.

Many thanks for your letter written on the day following the declaration of the armistice between Agression & Liberty. It was the 1st news I received of Australia's rejoicing. The length of time it (the war) has been in progress must have made even that old chap, Mars, "fed-up". I wrote & and told you how we celebrated the event, some time ago.
How, I wish I was in the old "burg" on the 11th Nov 1918. At present, every one is talking & thinking of Home Sweet Home. It will not be long, before we are all back again, although, now I have lost precedence, through being appointed to a job with this Division. It was only on this understanding, that I was promoted Major. After waiting so long, I did not like to lose the opportunity of rising to Field Rank, even if it was to be only for a day. Besides, this job is more interesting & will help to clear some of the grit out of the grey matter in my [indecipherable] before putting on, "civvies".

[Written sideways in the left-hand margin:] Don Dunlop 9.8.32

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