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11 July, 1916 Tuesday

Another quiet day, nothing to do outside the same old job we ran a D3 line up to Naid Gannit so now our troubles should be at an end in that direction. 155 Bde again troublesome, Aman won't finish poling it so had to use harsher methods & shook him up about it so now we may hope for results.

Word came through that Gen Cox would be back any day now & he will be welcomed as he is a cavalry officer pure & simple & should make a do at this job.

12 July, 1916 Wednesday


100wks of soldiering

Hung about all day & got gear fixed for the stunt tonight.

Moved out to Oghratina via Katia at 3 pm & got there by easy stages, we teed in OK & got comms straight away. Donkin was here in all his glory & muddled up as usual, he was out to lay a direct line from Romani to Oghratina a distance of possibly 10 miles, he left with 12 but on finishing the last drum found he was still 2 miles short of his destination so he sent back for the necessary which came out late, this he laid & is now still ¾ of a mile W of Oghratina in all he laid 14 mile for 9¾ actual country covered. Tomorrow we are to operate over the Sagia province & clean it up of natives, Turks etc.

Got a little sleep, not much though.

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